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im Sommer: von Anfang Juni bis Anfang Oktober im Winter: von Anfang Dezember bis Anfang April


Well, friends... I've been to that restaurant just once and I would never recommend it to anyone. I had a very bad experiences with a waiter with red red face and curly hair. There are some waitresses and perhaps only one man. He was just incredibly impolite even rude!!! I can't understand why! I came to eat there at 2pm (lunch-time) with my husband and one friend of mine. We asked this waiter if there is wi-fi somewhere at the mountains - he was happy to say "no and I have no idea where you could find wi-fi, because I work only here at this restaurant". Okay, no problem. We ate and my husband went skiing with our friend. I stayed at the restaurant, because I wanted to work on my tablet. In two hours I went to the toilet and when I came back he was at my table, completely nervous and sad in German "When the door is closed, you shouldn't come in and stay here. Yes we didn't locked the door to this room, but it was closed!!!" There are two halls where people eat and I was in the small one. I started to pack my stuff and opened my mouth to say, that I'm going to go, but he was evem more nervous and said in English "We are closing, it's closed!!!!!!" The thing is - I was in this room all the time and at the next table was a German family which has left recently. .... :-? :-? :-? I said "the door wasn't closed at all" he said "doch! It was!".... I asked "why you're speaking like that with me, i just want to take my stuff and go...he started to murmur something like "I just want to inform you and so on" bulls shit. I went to the bigger hall immediately, there was still a lot of people. He told that the last gondel goes at 4.15pm and I answered that my friends going to come soon and take me with them. Then he came again and ask if I'm aware about the time, because 4.15 is very soon (i still has 15 minutes and gondolas were in one minute from the restaurant). Let's say he wanted me to go away as soon as possible. But there were a lot of people exept of me!!!
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im Sommer: von Anfang Juni bis Anfang Oktober im Winter: von Anfang Dezember bis Anfang April

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