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A-CS Computer - Willeit Daniel auf HEROLD.at

Bewertung von dieKunsthistorikerin am 15.06.2017, 18:15 Uhr

Super Computerdienst!

My computer crashed while on a very short work trip to Innsbruck, and I took it to A-CS at the very end of the business day. Even though they had a busy queue of work, Daniel began working on my computer the next day, and worked through several approaches to the complicated issue. He completed a lot of work (including a new hard-drive installation) before I left Innsbruck only a few days later and, though the very complicated issue wasn't completely resolved when I left, he continued to to correspond with me to try and troubleshoot and address the problem while I was traveling. This shop offers helpful and knowledgeable repair service, and I highly recommend it! As likely indicated by my review, his English is also stellar!

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