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Rosie180980 R.
am 25.07.2011
auf HEROLD.at
Bewertung von Rosie180980 R.
am 25.07.2011, 13:48

I purchased two items from the Rotentrumstrasse 1010 Vienna branch, after trying them on at home I realised that they were not what I wanted. I called the store and asked if I could exchange them for something else at another branch, so I went to the one in Donauzentrum. I found another item that I liked but the store but the sales assistant told me they did not have my size. The sales assistant asked the manageress (Claudia) to call other branches to see if my size was available but it wasn't. Since they did not have anything else suitable at the store so I asked to exchange the goods for a voucher and was told by the Manageress that I could not. I don't understand why that was not possible, I was not asking for the money I just wanted a gift voucher for another time. She told me I could only exchange goods for goods, so I continued to look around the store. The manageress of the store was totally appalling, I have never met anyone so rude and for really unfriendly for no reason. She was outright grumpy and really nasty towards me, when I was only ever very polite with her. I looked around the store again and decided to swap at least one of the items for something else. The new item was 5 euros less than the previous item. So the manager said I needed to select another item because she could not give me the 5 euro. I took an extra item, the price was 4.95euro! The manageress told me that she was not able to refund any amount and that I must find something else in the store for 5cent!!! I told her I don't care about the 5cent, she could keep it. She told me that this was also not possible. At this point I was really upset, she was being totally ridiuculous. When I was close to tears, only then did she give me the 5 cent from the till and then I left the store. Before leaving, I told the lady I could not understand why she was being so rude to me and told her to smile more, which perhaps I should not have done but I found her behaviou totally pathetic and completely unnecessary. I always always bought underwear from the store, but after such an experience it really puts me off shopping in the store again. The customer service I experienced was awful and I would not recommend it.
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